Management by Spectre.


We pride ourselves on delivering successful projects.

Whether we are part of the wider delivery team or you leave the development to us, our project management service ensures cost and time is managed effectively.

A project isn’t a success just because it get’s completed. We work tirelessly to ensure all facets of the project are a success so maximum returns can be gained from each and every project.

Every project is different. Each have their challenges.

A new challenge doesn’t mean diminished returns.

Our process ensures that we remain at the forefront of solving these challenges in the most effective way possible and finding new and improved ways of extracting value from the opportunity.

Project Planning

During the planning phase, we define all work packages and tasks, understand the resource requirements, estimate the amount of time that each task will require as well as identifying interactions between different activities.

The resulting construction plan is fundamental to the project in terms of budget and schedule.

Project Budget and Reporting

Throughout every project, the budget developed at the start of the project is adopted and is used as a baseline for the actual cost report. This report compares all budget line items to actual costs incurred during the project.

We understand that each project has different reporting needs and as such cater our reporting systems to support them. We coordinate and run the different types of meetings that typically happen within a project including PCG meetings, Financier meetings and QS meetings to name a few.

Our reporting ensures that all stakeholders are kept up to date with the whole development process to ensure any project controls are implemented as and when required.

Tender and Procurement

We prepare detailed tenders and ensure all contractor(s) selected have the necessary experience, capability and financial standing for the project.

Spectre Property also prides itself on the quality of developments we are involved in. Our tender evaluation processes have mechanisms in place to not only look at pricing and capability, but also evaluate a contractors build quality.

Value Management

On top of ensuring our projects are on budget and schedule, we run a process to ensure all components of the design together with the construction program are managed according to their value.

By changing the sequence of tasks in the schedule or amending the way something is to be constructed in the design, the same outcome or value is achieved however the total cost of achieving this value is reduced.

Construction Management and Superintendency

The construction of all projects must be managed effectively in order to ensure the project triangle is optimised. This ensures cost, time and quality are not sacrificed at the expense of another.

Like in any project, the administration and interpretation of the build contract is extremely important. We assess all claims made by project contractors and review all variation claims.  The construction program is managed with the contractor and all progress claims are evaluated.


Once the project has reached practical completion, we work with the sales or leasing agents to prepare for settlement or leasing. As part of the completion program, we ensure all services are connected, the property receives certificate of occupancy and/or statement of compliance, all defects are rectified or part of the rectification program and all project documentation is handed over.